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Sunday, November 29, 2015

friday 13th bust boom etc the beginning of the The end for CBG13

Welcome to my new studio and next phase which has to kick into gear next year, and i am thinking of closing out chickengeorge style and on to these new/ old Big Bend ideas, like take all of the past and smash it into a painterly journalism on that area.

So as i mull over the past like 15 years of chicken george mentality i am thinking it might come to a close but i have a mountain of back stock and unfinished projects and plenty of late night drunken ramblings of genius to share. that  which have to be moved to the chicken house, out of storage so i am sorting threw stuff here,.
here are two auctions stuff i had one the lawn for sale.

drinking dude link and haters gonna hate based off the fence. 

so post Friday 13th deal,  ahhh sales were so so,  not good but thats the way it goes 

Monday, November 9, 2015

Friday th 13 this nov cooming up and sale first three, if no bid no more posting for the year

Cowboy bottle nattie light beer alarm clock strikes at the `13th hour,  auction here
yeap , this might be it for a while, i am under the weather, check out my videos to understand. There has been some really good turn out Red and Stratton actually did 13 pieces and they are strong, Scruffy also chimed on and has a set of videos here the link

Check out redmuds auction and video that explains this painting we did,

 Stratton possum has some good pieces up check out his whole lot too, Stratton has  a video out 
making fun of me with these puppets!video here

here is my piece on here
Scruffy moved out of Texas a while back but  she sure is making alot of art , alot of clowns and some really strong pieces i am amazed chec out her link here for this one

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Halloween and the chicken Fence

stacked pumpkins, ..>>>>>>>ebay link

So , its past the chicken fence sale,  one think i noticed is how my art stuff is revolved around dates
the whole method of m production is around the 13th and Halloween, i was telling folks here 
about what kind of paintings i was hanging on the fences its about the fence the look of it
the history of it, ,
here is a video about me preping for the sale, and Red leaving messages about what i do,.
So there are going to be like six paintings ia m going to put up there this week 10 day auction
then on to the 13th which will only have  3 paintings up, this time and a master BBQ vid called
Tex's downer cow styled Ribbs an Chicken BBQ" its gonna be good !
So i sold about four paintings and six wooden chicken heads ill do it again next year and add more to the fence  which i am trying to stay focused on, ,
one of the side notes to this sale was having this lady show up and ask me how much for a painting i said 60 buck she thought it was awfully high  and  wondered why if i am so famous am i selling on the lawn, of my house, i didnt want to go off on it,  but the more i told her about this and that, she just looked a me like i was just lieing through my teeth and said she said "here ill take this one " a chicken painting,  like i pulled on over on her,.    basicly i shouldnt being drinking coffee, it make me ramble

Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Carry over, vid, Auction Slots

Sold the first one of these, i  really like these pieces, alot of the times before i fall to sleep i think in these bars of abstracts,?
it sorta makes sense
check out my latest vid
its about ebay this site and ahhh  why do it?

one of the  funny notes about this video is i ran across a Bad Bacon painting,.see video.
This is it folks this site will be the main hosting point to this massive new set of work 113 is what call it , basicly a book
i am trying to create, i am just letting one obsession go to the next as building on a body of work,  the video  link above points it out

Friday, September 4, 2015

new slot machine work,

Well this is i guess some of my new slot machine work, its sorta based on the uncle sams coin banks
i started buying them off ebay these toy banks, only red beet up ones , thought they would make a good display, of some sorts, .
auction here , if anything i am building up for a massive display with these works, posting is a good lure to get me rolling.
"Zero the hero"  this one is similar to the coin banks red ones,  you know when it comes down to  it
alot of my abstracts the gravity of them seem to want to go to these like color bars,  like a machine , 
i think some where way back when i smoked i would have these types of visions  and they sorta hypnotized me , i think they are creeping back in  like slot machine trickery,

Friday, August 28, 2015

Rare Cann Hamm 2009, and vid news for the fall

2009 , Cann Hamm, material found on the desert floor, 
Redford Texas
"dunce looking over a grave,"  was in two exhibits (college)

auction here

the auction  is set at 299,  $ 
Check out this video about Canns in  Redford,. its about this piece sorta

Well, time is rolling on  here and it looks like its time to wake back up and start making videos and what better time to do it than Sept 15, the big blood moon and doomsday , again!, so i am going to release two vids and might go live that sunday,. 
so the build up to the next 13th is comming and boy do i have some fun stuff to talk about!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

"She waits till the bar closes"

Auction link here
yeap folks, i am sitting here at this table looking out over the hot yard , man its hot out!,
this fall i am stuck here at the house plan on having a big yard art sale , chicken fence paintings only
but i have been playing around with pizza boxs and razors, ,  
,check out the rest of the auctions cheers