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---- there might be a show in Miami FL in the way off, i plan on setting up in next year in Marathon Texas, and restart work i started in 2010---
Ebay postings are auctions of work i like to throw out there all sales go to helping me survive
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Donate to my beer fund and get a letter, from me, telling you what my big plans are when I am getting a buzz from the beer,
this is NOT bar money, but just beer. the letter will be a thank you and some random buzzed sketch , you can ebay down the line for maybe what you donate,. millions have donated and been happy! cause they know they have help fueled me as an artist to Victory or my grave, cheers

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Tx Citzen write up ,

great write up, i a trying to create another scruffy/ruby at this bar i hang out at, --- more videos soon

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Triptic Jolly chimp /jack o lanterns, $ 300 see auction

This painting, look up the auction here for details

 This set shows the jolly chimp about ready to cut the pumpkin and  one lighting a candle in it. i just think they make a nice Halloween  display

Monday, December 1, 2014

Bad Santa painting Paul Mc Carthy hommage 2003

This painting was made in 2003 shown i think in two exhibits,  click here for auction link
Its signed or i just signed it on the front this week, but was made in 2003. click the link 
for the ebay auction i go into it more on there,.  One note the painting has Santa pulling back his beard, or he is has a loose beard,  and the table has a swirling plate with a eye looking, i believe the background had what was a couple having sex,.
The painting is framed in wood painted to the edges, email for dims


Saturday, November 22, 2014

new inks , Read all about it, building up to a BBQ

i have a bunch of ink drawings ill me shooting out there, if they don't move i am going to put them in
a box to sell in a lot for a BBQ vid i want to make, ,.
there is a section to my work that deals with quick ideas based on making fun of Red and Bosco
we all sorta jab on each other,  got to my ebay for a link

ill be posting these  for a while till i get tired of it..

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

ink drawings, folk dual stuff, Red! starting bids are a Six of natty talls

yeap the winter is gonna be coming on so ia m grounded here, its time to  break out the inks and
make shift pencils and come up with some BS, and what this welll, Red,  ahh click the ebay link,
It actually started with Red saying he was gonna copy a Bosco painting the rum race, here is his eba link  . 
but Red made his look t the fucking bids, geeeze,
so i think i am gonna start to make some more work build up to this box party , where if it don't sell i am gonna just throw it in a box and when it does make a bbq video thats the best way to approach this now ,  make an event out of it for a video,  the last good vid was the How to Fry Chicken. i wonder if i posted that here yet, this is or was my last good production video . check it out .
That video i had planed for months, made the work , and one night me and red got into an argument about what is egotism in art , slack jones was commented it ended with red flipping out and blocking me and he , ahhhh so it sorta killed the dual but it flares back up again like a pack of hemroids , ,

Thursday, November 13, 2014

the studio as of now......

the Studio as of now, its getting cold, i am running through this set of spares  some started  a while back,  hummmm one dog humping hog (seen above) but  both have chimps on them. this other painting called , grandma takes her drunk granddaughter home for a beating!. and  this monkey with a meat cleaver, and old man ,cart with chicken on a hog, and the devil's little hate snake pit, plus a headless chicken, thats abut it six total and , like a returning insane guy i am gonna try and post them to ebay, Why? cause i am crazy,! but the prices will be real life not this bargin bin crap ebay has,.