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Saturday, June 27, 2015

"Burn Barrels of the D.E.A." oil on canavs framed 47x35

Own this painting, only $1200, its a classic  (night chicken fence) one  made a while back. read about it
here is the auction link
Between 1996-2003, i made a set of on going semi abstract fence painting.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Straight jacket and broke neck jolly chimp

this is more folk dual stuff, based on some messages i left ol Red,
read about it on the auctions
yeap this pic is loosly based on one of red figures he painted a while back cross armed
man.  Boy the summer heat is kicking up here hot as hell , basicly  drinking red diamond tea and nattie lites , ,

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Texas hot tube & Hog Head BBQ with jolly chimps

I am on a roll folks!,  you see this i how it works and why i hate and love the auction deal, its like feeding a wood chipper, you cut down more you feed the machine, (but the machine needs some gass) what i like to do is get a beer buzz and walk out there and sketch out 3-4 painting in markers on wood, for the moment i think they are great, and well its like a promise to make the painting its endless, literally.  like a painting like this its the many  versions based on the same idea, or pictorial look i like,. maybe i am just playing with symbols.
here is the auction link,--Two jolly chimps get drunk and eat a hog head
this painting , was almost destroyed, was going to be part of the 13th sale deal but got scrapped, its based on that "outsider" art video promo with Sam Kip and Eric,  that video is art , well there is a 
line in the video where Eric L said i bet the Devil lives in Texas, with a hot tub ,. so i made a painting of them three in there, but now i transformed them into tranny women i guess,. It amazingly looks good as a found piece of f-up art?
auction link here
Also things are heating up with Redmud and the folk dual bs, check his latest vid

Monday, June 15, 2015

"you just found the darkside of my wine" oil on wood, starting bid 99bucks!

"you just found the darkside of my wine," oil on wood shingles. I think alot of my folk art could be 
these one liner for county songs,. There is something about the way that sounds like  when i am hanging out a bar, and i get the willies, about seeing some dude who looks like  my exes boyfriend and i start getting all freaked out etc, . ahhh but the poetics, make paintings .

buy this painting and ill make ribs for my new dog Ramey!, a stray i picked up out in Marathon Tx and brought back here she is part ? greyhound healer? i cant figure it out., here is the auction link

Friday, June 12, 2015

"Hog around smoker" 2008 oil on canvas

 up for auction here is the link , This paint was made in 2008,  but i reworked it a year ago , when i was cooking out and i started to add these like orange sparks of falling ash to it , one thing i like about this painting is it sorta leads to a whole set of these dark camp side animal painting.
if anybody buys this painting off ebay, ill offer a frame job free if you read this post and asked me to do it,. cheers

Monday, June 8, 2015

"do you want to see my Swaauu?" 2013 ,13x18

made like the Cann Hamms  type of work. this piece was made and put into a show back in 2013,. there was four more like this,. here is the auction link,. I hate to sell these kinda works its like selling a part of my memory , not that i was a peeping tom but, the story of that piece the title "do you want to see my swau,?"  or pussy is based on a crazy night about two years ago . I was over at my friends house she had a friend/foe girlfreind who wanted to get back at her and she told me "if this woman shows up over here and starts drinking she is going to try an seduce you because i am dating her exeboyfreind, ,  i am serious,." she showed up and after the formalitys we started chatting, and we started drinking and smoking , which i don't do , well smoking that is, i was getting tired and started freaking out, my freind the evil person that she is, was telling me " go ahead and tap some of that i don't care, she will do it, " So they put in those stupid ass videos of mine youtube crap bio v logging and i sat there  blitzed trying to crawl to the tv to shut it off,!.they were dancing around laughing, I made a dvd of the best of the vids , its bad enough i was freaking out  now to listen to me act like some moron,  on the net, WTF have i done is this real? , no it is!,(that kinda hyperreflection) so her  friend  decided to  get me over to the couch and lay me down cause i was hyperventaliting and over heating, heart was pounding out of my chest,. then she sat on my stomach and started asking me quietly" so my friend couldnt hear do you want to see my Swaauu?" pulling her shorts back  and showing me it,. i was like WTF,.  horned out , she was hot! by the way 34, ahhhhhk ===
And in other news , i moved a painting to basicly buy the material to build this structure
ill let you guys do the math but its the biggest ever,  first building out in Marathon, Tx, 
more to come folks i am listing 3 more pieces to pay for stuff around here

Thursday, May 14, 2015

The move out west, check out ending video

Last video in the chicken house
click link

check out my  new video 
the move to West Texas is on !
its a long road that has no end.... oil on canvas ready to frame, $2.000,