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Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Carry over, vid, Auction Slots

Sold the first one of these, i  really like these pieces, alot of the times before i fall to sleep i think in these bars of abstracts,?
it sorta makes sense
check out my latest vid
its about ebay this site and ahhh  why do it?

one of the  funny notes about this video is i ran across a Bad Bacon painting,.see video.
This is it folks this site will be the main hosting point to this massive new set of work 113 is what call it , basicly a book
i am trying to create, i am just letting one obsession go to the next as building on a body of work,  the video  link above points it out

Friday, September 4, 2015

new slot machine work,

Well this is i guess some of my new slot machine work, its sorta based on the uncle sams coin banks
i started buying them off ebay these toy banks, only red beet up ones , thought they would make a good display, of some sorts, .
auction here , if anything i am building up for a massive display with these works, posting is a good lure to get me rolling.
"Zero the hero"  this one is similar to the coin banks red ones,  you know when it comes down to  it
alot of my abstracts the gravity of them seem to want to go to these like color bars,  like a machine , 
i think some where way back when i smoked i would have these types of visions  and they sorta hypnotized me , i think they are creeping back in  like slot machine trickery,

Friday, August 28, 2015

Rare Cann Hamm 2009, and vid news for the fall

2009 , Cann Hamm, material found on the desert floor, 
Redford Texas
"dunce looking over a grave,"  was in two exhibits (college)

auction here

the auction  is set at 299,  $ 
Check out this video about Canns in  Redford,. its about this piece sorta

Well, time is rolling on  here and it looks like its time to wake back up and start making videos and what better time to do it than Sept 15, the big blood moon and doomsday , again!, so i am going to release two vids and might go live that sunday,. 
so the build up to the next 13th is comming and boy do i have some fun stuff to talk about!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

"She waits till the bar closes"

Auction link here
yeap folks, i am sitting here at this table looking out over the hot yard , man its hot out!,
this fall i am stuck here at the house plan on having a big yard art sale , chicken fence paintings only
but i have been playing around with pizza boxs and razors, ,  
,check out the rest of the auctions cheers

Sunday, August 16, 2015

two new auctions, raising funds for a new BBQ Vid

"Run away slot" oil on canvas link here
old painting , 2012 was shown in Red Arrow show, up in Dallas, framed ready to hang, listed at 150, reserve, 

the "trial lawyer" link here
this is a study for the figure  below, the painting is not done the one on the wall below its called, "the trial for the back ally monkey salesman,." based on an Jim Jones photo,  The  study is on a pizza box. 

Trying to get back in the swing of things its hot as heck here in Texas ans painting has ground to a halt , more to come folks!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Reds new conflict, Tex Crawfish Fued

Yeap , i wanted to jump in bad on this one , but it seems Red is real serious about all this. There are three video that explain it (by Red) this one is the last,. , About a year ago my mind about exploded watching this one video, that popped up called "the outsiders" basically a promo or trailer for a reality based TV show featuring Sam-Kip-Eric these popular festival to folk artists around Georgia. This video because it evoked the long tortured word of folk/outsider  raises the bar on what a southern folk artist might be?,an outcast? poor? eccentric?,the whole Blues suffrage deal, thats a a start, but what we get is this singsong, quirky bad crafters, halmark like,"bad art" (maybe) zone more in tune with music festival art  like fan art?. but , .. ok so what! , whats the big deal ? who cares its made for a Lifetime channel plug its suppose to be "Feel good art entertainment"., well for me i tried to explain it in a set of videos called "outside the craft"  which dug deep to figure out why this was so profoundly alarming, and the trouble this video (the outsider) promo trailer ,might have or get into., One was if they think people are going to sympathize and feel for the artist's  daily lives they will, but! there is something far more dubiously funny at hand that i had a gut feeling about. It the "honey booboo " syndrome in which they are going to be made fun of, for being pathetic, pityful, silly, carefree (evoking all these folk art sterotypes) as such. . for some reason i harken back of that song "Shiny happy people"thats am Athens folk art song!. I don't know what the hell you call it by, or  why i would have such  issues with it there has to be a term i am missing  about why i want to vomit so much about this kind of art! how to stop myself from obsessing over this level of sillyness children's kitch might have  but made by hairy old hippy guys who just found out they want to be an artist,,. help me out folks.!, Well this video Red made basically is the summery of what he feels about it. i warned him years ago don't do it, don't address this , "its like your in happy town and your mister Grinch here, it will take you down boy!" One of the prophetic notes to that Outsiders vid promo  revealed was this bearded joker fellow  called "Tex", this Georgia folk artist who you got to observe his art  works in his both that he was standing in at some fair. I noticed two things in it right off . two of Red inspired works and some of Chubbs, obviously he was a fan of their work. So i pointed it out to Red, "now this chap right there has it in him" Me and Red see things differently,  If i put myself in his shoes , and if i was in an exhibit , group and i found a dude or dudete basically  making stylistic copys of my work ,hanging in the very show i was in, i would buy this guy a beer and invite him over and train them right,  because i own their soul or, they look up to me and who would be stupid enough to put a copy of a painting i did in a group show, if not as a parody, or if serious then they have some maturing to do  basically.  but none the less its their bad, they will own it down the line. (Red worrys people wont figure that part out) like i told Red never do an in the "in the manor of" .. or stylistic copy  unless you want to live it down!, you better love it cause it tells of the pathway to the  center of what one does as an artist maybe its something to out grow?.
Me and Red like Frances Bacon, i don't mind living down my inspired look a likes of him,  actually i am proud of that cause i love Bacon,. 
my 1992 homage to the passing of F.Bacon, there is a whole mess of these paintings made 90-93, ahhhk!

I have written about crafterism why its  not art with a capitol A in it, its flee market stuff Etzy stuff created to meet a market., That when for some fucked up reason a "crafter" does manage to make Art out of it, there is always something more to the story.  i told  Red many times over that you cannt be hanging out in cat house lecturing people on what real love is,  while getting fucked, but then again if you like sex get paid or not it dont mater.
same thing goes with art, Crafterism is trinket stuff,   
by Sam G, now i cannt hate a guy at all for makeing this kinda painting, bravo!

So I guess a bigger question is why are we so invested in some grown up, hairy, fat guy who would be makeing  cartoon kitty cats(or whatever) paintings to sell to funky old ladys with to much pazaz on there hands at a craft fair so important??? maybe we are the assholes here for careing?lol . I always saw this  as art drama, things that have a soap opera history to it, but  this is the wacked out world of crafter to folk art to bad art to this net crap to the storys and sagas that go along with it, the "downer cow" is a prime example.  Just think some 25 years from now  if any of this work survives  and is hanging on the wall of a trailer in Alabama or in an antique store maul some old  picker lady will be telling the twisted and angry stories of the souths most pissed off artists, and why they fought to unfuck themselves from sentimentalism and hippyism and crafterism that beset their paranoid soul of being carpetbagged.
a Battle that sounds more like a denial than that of matter of taste. 

So as the folk dual between me and Red   sorta trails off  its had its moments of comedy but its a joke that is told over and over plus just how nasty stupid and debasing of our art do we  really want to be about it, ebay is dead and the script might have to move on to something else at least for me.
check out the video, it might be Reds last.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

two Black Roosters, fenceline painting read more Rebuilding the chicken Fence

For those of you who don't know i have a house in San Marcos Texas, with these Rooster heads
on this fence it was made in 2000 its been up a while , well the street is being widened and i am losing about 5 feet off the front which means the fence is being moved back
so, i am trying to raise some funds to rebuild it, so....
oil on canvas , made out in 2010 , Redford Texas, when i had a studio, ts framed
asking $225, free shipping,
who ever wants it email me

 the moving of the street around here , is crazy its hot and dusty the whole fence is messed up
the money will go to klitz and alot of cedar pickets plus all the extras to rebuild the fence