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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

landscape form 2004, Songs for Ben

A very large painting made in 2003-4, .  There was a set of paintings i made called FV , i guess in retrospect it was my very darkly painted dash at an John Alexander landscape, the older manic 80s work.
Songs for Ben,  based on that movie Ben, this was the last large painting of that set all the paintings were based on these abstracted landscapes made from drawings in Floyd VA when i was set up in this old mill, and antique shop. the summer of 2003.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Friday 13th , updates video and predictions?

So, here is the deal  after ruffly 10 years of this routine i am shifting gears to create this new body of work. what might be the conclusion to chickengeorge antics  called "my private BBQ",  work like that and the random monkey works (which i have have stacks of incomplete paintings) and the 13th sale is about it for this site, 
Ill be headed back out to west Texas , mainly to get back in shape and  make a 1000 buck painting no more 25 buck stuff i think the OCD of constant net antics and crap ,is good for practise and turn around but bad in building major pieces,  so...
So that being said, i do like the ebay/utube as a practice but results? ahhhhh i am getting older
its that mid ground of tard half/ full empty, i am going to say full , lets untard our self and make some major pieces and shows,

Monday, March 9, 2015

Double 13th, 2015 folk ass trolling cheap ass sale

This is that , which i am waring you about, look over auction
Well it looks like this is it for the 13th , i have a vid comming and a final vid conclusion to this mess
but, it looks like i will be headed back out west for a while,
Where does the time go,,  link here

Friday, February 20, 2015

Double 13 starts

part of my stripper set, isn't she lovely inviting you folks back 
to the  13th
Check out my new video

Saturday, February 7, 2015

3 more auctions Friday 13th

its back up and  bid on the first of the redmud, Texas work of a couple of years ago, based on one of boscos
reds double fisted pig ass monkey  see ebay link here

the tale of two daggars link