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Monday, September 15, 2014

you won nothing, oil on wood starting 75$

I think , what i like to do is drink beer and sit here in my studio listening to music and comming up with these like comic sketches based on the chimp "the toy" its just a medium for these ideas, alot of them are spins on" old  Red folk town" type of stuff a bit carny like too,  last night , as i saw this painting "two drunks" i  ran over and sketched up four more pictures based off of  the words, and sorta grossness with the Chimp,  the compusitions are easy its iconic, no worrys there, its mainly just getting it all on there in a certian size thats all, . Now this painting above if it don't move, its going to the wall, i have a new place to store all the ebay rejects now, they might look good there. So i don't care if they move on there at this point, . but like i said in the begining i like to drink some beer and just bullshit up some ideas of paintings, and the i have to make the things,  they are to good to just be an idea,. ahhhh
the bottle of Tequlia, 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Get off me! in auction 66

An older lady who is drinking a couple of beers ia yelling get your ass off me to this young tan lady

Monday, August 18, 2014

Margarita Time! funtime nighttime skinny dippers===sold====

50 bucks! in auction it looks good, # 2 in my personal campain to trash up ebay folk section painting

Saturday, August 16, 2014

this new nudes, sumer of sexyness for my crusade on ebay's crapy crafters

Well  for the rest of the year at least untill halloween , i am going to be reposting these like nude plus size women paintings older party chick out  by the pool,. the bodies are based of off one liners chatterbate and other crap i come up with. its sumer and its hot,!   i have one up on ebay ,, there is no way this one will sell,  for starters its over 45 bucks, and its crude, . 

It reminds me of a bookstore ebay does its so massive , there was a book store in a maul i would go to and somebody would always grab a nudie mag and rip the plastic bag to look at it and be in the  back of the book store,  and then set the mag some where in  the bookstore, , i think this kinda art serves this in the ebay folk section like someone is looking for something cute then bamb!  i think i am going to amass a massive army of this kinda work and just keep relisting them to flood the listings, they won't sell they are over 40 bucks i might make a graph about that,.  it will be my personal campain against cuteness on ebay!
and believe me i have it in me for this summer.